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Fachliteratur zu den Leoniden

Adams, J.C.: On the Orbit of the November Meteors

Anonymus: The Leonids of 1899

Anonymus: The Remarkable 1966 Leonid Meteor Shower

Asher, David J.: The Leonid meteor storms of 1833 and 1966

Asher, David J.: Leonid Dust Trail Theories

Asher, David J.: Recent shower calculations

Asher, David J.; Bailey, M.E. & Emel'Yanenko, V.V.: Resonant meteoroids from Comet Tempel-Tuttle in 1333 - the cause of the unexpected Leonid outburst in 1998

Beech, Martin: The historical activity of comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle and large Leonid meteoroids

Berberich, A.: On the orbit-perturbations of the Leonid meteor-stream since 1890

Bone, N.M.: The Leonid meteor shower 1981-1997 - the rise towards 1998/'99

Brown, Peter: The Leonid Meteor Shower - Historical Visual Observations

Brown, Peter Gordon: Evolution of Two Periodic Meteoroid Streams - The Perseids and Leonids

Browning, John: On the Spectra of the Meteors of November 13-14, 1866

Davis, Mark A.: The International Leonid Watch

Denning, William F.: Meteor radiants active in November

Denning, William F.: Shooting stars. How to observe them and what they teach us. VII. The shower of Leonids. (Illustrated.)

Denning, William F.: Duration and character of the Leonid radiant

Denning, William F.: The expected shower of Leonids in 1897

Dick, Steven J.: Observation and interpretation of the Leonid meteors over the last millennium

Hirayama, K.: Records of the Leonids in the far east

Hughes, David W.: The history of meteors and meteor showers

Kazimircak-Polonskaja, E.I.; Beljaev, N.A.; Astapovic, I.S. & Terenteva, A.K.: Investigation of Perturbed Motion of the Leonid Meteor Stream

Lyytinen, Esko J. & Van Flandern, Tom: Predicting the Strength of Leonid Outbursts

Lyytinen, E.; van Flandern, T.; Jenniskens, P.; Vaubaillon, J; Sato, I. & Maslov, M.: Predicting the Strength of Leonid Outbursts

Maslov, Mikhail: Leonid predictions for the period 2001-2100

Mason, John W.: The Leonid meteors and comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle

McBeath, Alastair: SPA Meteor Section - The Leonids 1998-2002, A Retrospective

McIntosh, Bruce A. : Origin and Evolution of Recent Leonid Meteor Showers

McIntosh, Bruce A. & Millman, Peter M.: The Leonids by Radar - 1957 to 1968

McNaught, Robert H. & Asher, David J. : Leonid Dust Trails and Meteor Storms

Murakami, Tadayoshi: On the Structure of the Leonid Stream

Murakami, Tadayoshi: On the Structure of the Leonid Stream, II. Magnitude-Distribution of Meteoric Particles in the Leonid Stream

Murakami, Tadayoshi: On the Structure of the Leonid Stream, III. The Formation and Development of the Leonid Stream

Newton, H.A.: The original accounts of the displays in former times of the November star shower; together with a determination of the length of its cycle, its annual period, and the probable orbit of the group of bodies around the Sun

Oppolzer, Theodor: Bahnbestimmung des Cometen I. 1866 (Tempel)

Payne, W.W.: The Leonid Shower of Meteors in 1899

Payne, W.W.: The Leonids of November, 1899

Payne, W.W.: The Failure of the Leonids in 1899

Payne, W.W.: Orbit of the Leonid meteors

Pickering, William H. : Non-Appearance of the Expected Leonid Shower

Rao, Joe: The Leonids - The Lion King of Meteor Showers

Rao, Joe: Anticipation - The 1999 Leonid Meteors

Schubart, Joachim: Comet Tempel-Tuttle (1866 I)

Stoney, G. Johnstons & Downing, A.M.W. : Perturbations of the Leonids

Stoney, G. Johnstons & Downing, A.M.W. : The Leonids - a Forecast

Vaubaillon, J.; Colas, F. & Jorda, L.: A new method to predict meteor showers. II. Application to the Leonids

Yeomans, Donald K.: Comet Tempel-Tuttle and the Leonid meteors

Yeomans, Donald K.; Yau, Kevin K. & Weissman, Paul R.: Comet Tempel-Tuttle and the Leonid meteors

Young, Anne S.: The Leonids